Move Over Dahling

Set in the 1920’s, the plot revolves around the theatrical lives of actors, dancers, singers and their agents. The evening is the launch of ‘Daisy Duncan’ rising star, hoping to hit the big time! All looks set for a successful evening, until an uninvited guest arrives and events take a different course! (During the evening, there is a short cabaret number)


Set in a little café in 1940’s wartime Paris – Aspro and his wife Chantal are celebrating their Silver Wedding Anniversary. The party is in full swing until the unexpected arrival of a German Officer. An English Airman then appears on the scene – can Aspro keep the German occupied long enough before he is able to contact the French Resistance? Follow the hilarious events of this evening and discover the outcome! (During the evening, there is a song and dance routine)

The Belles of St Agnes

Welcome to the reunion at St Agnes School for Young Ladies. The headmistress is also hosting yet another fund raising event. So don’t forget to dig deep into your pockets! Join in the fun and capers of this crazy madcap school. Parents and children join the teachers for a truly memorable evening.

Where There’s a Will.....

The wind is blowing through the great hall of Stein Mansions.  The electricity has blown and the house is lit by candlelight, casting a strange glow all around.  Arthur Stein (Master of the house) has just died and in his will he has requested that all his relatives be present on this dark and eerie night for the reading.  Ideal for an eerie evening and perfect for a Halloween event. (During the evening, there is a short cabaret number)

The Show Must Go On

It’s the last night of the production ‘Cinderella’ and the cast are in high spirits. The director has just told them that they are off to Hollywood in the New Year (all but one!). They have also been informed that at the party is a well-known agent, critic and talent scout.

Tailor Made Scripts

As we write our own material we can write a bespoke script for your special event. Please enquire for pricing.