Q. What is a Murder Mystery Evening?

A. It is escapism to a setting where you can live out your ambition to be Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Jack Frost or even Inspector Morse! (With tongue firmly in cheek)


Q: How will the evening run?

A. The evening normally starts at approximately 7.30pm in the bar (a good place to start!) and continues over dinner with clues being dropped along the way, plus, of course A MURDER. Once dinner has ended, accusations will be made and the summing up will take place over coffee. The evening ends at about 11pm with a prize for the winners.


Q. What is the guests involvement?

A. The involvement of the guests is very much up to the individual. You may take on a character yourself or simply sit back and watch. Our aim is to provide enjoyment and laughter to all


Q. How many guests do we need?

A. We recommend groups of between 20 and 150 for our form of entertainment (though between 50 and 80 is ideal).


Q. What do I have to supply?

A. Apart from your guests we, ask you to provide food and drink for the performers and a room for us to change in. If you require a venue we can find one but we usually ask you to find it.


Q. For what events would a Murder, Mystery be suitable?

A. Murder Mystery evenings are suitable for:

Fund Raising, Conference Enhancement, Promotional events, Training, Staff parties, Birthday, Wedding, Funerals, Barmizvar and Christmas celebrations, (perhaps not funerals) or just for fun!


Q . How much does a Murder We Wrote evening cost?

A. The price depends on the size of your audience and the plot required. Please contact us on enquiries@murderwewrote.co.uk  or 07970 319853 (UK) or go to the Contact Us page where you can download our enquiries form.